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Where I rather be today- Isle of Skye

 Beautiful sunny spring day in central Scotland, however just for today, I rather be in sitting by the roaring waterfall wrapped with deep mist in solitude. The raw landscape of the land of fairies is inviting and has a soothing effect on the soul. The waterfall is a short walk from the youth hostel where we abondended our VW camper vans. I let the group walk ahead of me, craving time out and to savour the journey uphill without having to engage in conversation. There is a sensation of utter joy in discovering the steps with your own efforts. 

I had heard it was going to be epic but nothing prepares you for what comes next.  The thundering sound of the waterfall hits your senses first, then your greeted by the most alluring of all sights, silky White raft of forceful water. Your almost paralysed for a moment, trying to taking it all in. Sometimes, unknowingly, a roaring laughter of pure joy escapes you (almost as loud as the thundering sound of the waterfall, but highly pitched), the feeling is simply unexplainable. Nature does that to you. 

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