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St Kilda Stacks

This post is sponsored by British Airways Holidays #BAHolidayMoments  When I was asked to write about my favourite holiday moment, my visit to St Kilda (Hiort in Gaelic) was a no brainer. St Kilda is an archipelago cluster of islands about 100 miles from the mainland and possibly the remotest island I had ever been to. 

My journey to St Kilda almost seemed like an Outer Hebridean pilgrimage, island hopping from Isle of Skye to Isle of Harris where there are 3 weekly ferries that take you to St Kilda. The North Sea is famous for being notoriously rough and most journeys are cancelled due to unpredictable Scottish weather. I was staying in Isle of Harris for 3 nights and getting the weather in my favour was crucial if I was going to get to the most exciting point of my outer Hebridean adventure. 

Finally the day came to depart to St Kilda and as if the sea Gods were looking out for us, the seas were calm enough to sail. The boat ride to St kilda is just over 3 hours and I didn't have the smoothest journey there, feeling sick towards the end. 

You begin to see the Stacks couple of hours into the trip and the last hour feels like an eternity as excitement grows. You can also hear the squawking of 1000s of unique sea birds get louder and louder. All the hardship of the 3 hour journey is soon forgotten when you set your eyes on the sea stacks that feel like skyscrapers shooting up from the ocean as you get closer to them. 

I could not stop smiling when we finally set foot on the island, not because the feet beneath me felt stable for the first time in few hours but the fact that you felt the clock turn back in time. And so adventure into this remote island continued...

St Kilda is my favourite holiday moment because to me it was a true adventure to a different world and as the famous quote by Ralf Waldo Emerson goes "It's not the destination, it's the journey" British Airways Holidays ( has teamed up with HuffPost Travel to celebrate those amazing little moments that make your holiday unforgettable. Share your favourite holiday moment and you'll be entered into a draw to win a city break to Rome.

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